Saturday, 6 May 2017

Transfers from Palma to Cala d Or

Cala d'Or and how to get there!

Cala D'or is synonymous of maritime beauty, calmed beaches, crystal clear waters and relaxation either to enjoy alone or with your family. Its many kilometers of beach is Majorca's main attraction for tourists who like quiet beaches, sunbathing, snorkeling and admiring the immense variety of fish that swim within the waters of the Mediterranean sea.

This very paradisiacal place is many kilometers from Palma airport and in this article I will mention how to get there and enjoy the road trip to reach these beautiful sites that Mallorca offers you and also you can visit the official website clicking here Transfer from Palma to Cala d Or 

The first option is obviously by buses. These transport units can transport more than 50 people; these have comfortable seats, air conditioner, and FM Radio to set the trip with alternative and good music offered by Mallorcan radio. With the option of the bus you can enjoy in addition to the roads and the landscape that offers this city in a normal and moderate speed.

Transfers to Cala d’Or

The buses have strategic bus stops located by all the small towns within the island and are certainly of interest to your visit. The bus route is the longest and slowest within the 3 common transportation options and for the tourist who, if you like to visit and see extravagant and exciting areas, is an excellent option. Although the usual route is line 501, which has many bus stops, it is still a good option and economical for those who enjoy the journey on land slowly and leisurely. These lines are excellent for Transfers from Palma to Cala d Or.

The following option on our list of transport units we have an intermediate opion: the minibuses. These transport units allow less people to transport (about 20 people) and offers everything the buses have: comfortable seats, FM radio, large windows to see the landscape and the option to go at a speed not very fast but not very slow.

The option of the minibus is the most profitable and the one that leaves more frequently for Cala D'Or due to its large volume of units that are located along the airport. The minibus option is also the most talked about because of its excellent service by the drivers and their excellent recommendations to thousands of tourists who come every year to the island of Mallorca.


The route follows the same trajectory of the 501 line of buses but with the advantage that there are fewer stops taken while making the trip to Cala D'Or and this option is also available for Transfers from Palma airport

Finally there are taxis. These small transport units offer speed and time, as well as offering a more personalized and friendly customer service with tourists. Taxis will always be available to you in any part of the city of Mallorca and, at a slightly higher cost than a bus or a minibus, they will leave you anywhere on the island and reach places farther away than previously mentioned.

These also have the time factor in their favor because they make a single trip to Cala D'Or in less minutes or hours than you would normally take if you hopped on a bus or a minibus. To corroborate the information on the following link to the website 

So you know, do not forget to enjoy Cala D'or having already the options to get around. We'll see you in your next adventure!