Sunday, 30 April 2017

Palma to Ca'n Picafort

Ca’n Picafort and the options of transporting

Ca’n Picafort is the most significant Town of Mallorca. Due to the fact in recent years it has become a very important tourist center. This town is the ideal place to spend a holiday enjoying the Mediterranean sun and is one of the most popular within the region. The village is 58 km from Palma and in this article I will tell you the options for traveling from Palma to this very famous summer village of Mallorca. This information can be found on the next website Transfer from Palma airport to Ca'n Picafort

The buses that give to go to the town of Ca’n Picafort will always wait for you on the outskirts of the airport of Palma. These are good choices for their wide varieties of buses. And because Ca’n Picafort can only be reached by road, the most common option is the bus.

These buses usually cross the 390 line, the most popular and therefore the busiest and is an excellent alternative for those who love slow travel and have the pleasure of seeing all kinds of landscapes that the Mediterranean Sea offers. These options will be available to all tourists in Palma airport to Ca'n Picafort.

Other options to transfer to Ca’n Picafort

Secondly we have minibuses. These transport units are the intermediate option for the majority of the tourists who visit Mallorca. And it is not surprising that it is the most favorite option for different tourists since it combines: FM radio, comfortable seats, friendly transport staff with tourists and the ease of taking your family or a large group of friends inside the minibuses.

The minibuses that go to Ca’n Picafort are also very popular and very used by all the tourists. In general, as well as buses, they use line 390, but they go a little faster compare to buses and are excellent option for large groups of friends who want to talk on the road or for large families who want to visit Ca’n Picafort.

Last option will always be the most reliable taxi. These taxis are the excellent option for those who do not like to drive, do not like to wait for a bus or minibus and to go to the town of Ca’n Picafort as fast as possible. It is also a great option for those who want more personalized treatment, and this is due to the good service provided by drivers to tourists and the cost of going from Palma airport to Ca’n Picafort is around 100 euros.

Road and routes

With this it is possible to emphasize also that to arrive at the town the taxi drivers have many options of roads and routes to arrive faster and with less traffic. The taxi service is also an idea for the service of Palma de Mallorca airport transfer

With this we can conclude that the options to go to the town Ca’n Picafort is by far one of the most varied and with much responsibility within the dedicated transportation service for tourists. As you can always corroborate the information by visiting the website