Saturday, 20 May 2017

Cycling Mallorca

Transfers Palma takes you cycling along with pros

Mallorca has always been famous among tourists for its beautiful crystalline beaches with luxurious resorts, which make an excellent choice for some well-deserved holidays. It is also famous for being home to many celebrities from the show business and the sports scene such as tennis player Rafael Nadal, actor Michael Douglas and former model Claudia Schiffer. But Mallorca draws visitors from all around the world for one the most practiced activities in its roads: cycling.

There are many activities that the great Balearic Island can offer to the visitor. You can do trekking and climbing in the mountains; you can play golf in the diverse golf courses available in the island; its beaches and coastline invite for many water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling and windsurfing; and you can enjoy cycling through the vast Balearic territory, whether it is for leisure or for training.

Cycling in Mallorca

You may hop on a bike to visit the town center, the stores and restaurants along the shoreline or even get to the beach from your hotel. If you prefer a more spirited way of adventure, then Cycling Mallorca it is just for you

This Mediterranean island has everything to offer to the cycling enthusiast. Mallorca possesses the most varied terrain for the practicing of cycling: Serra de Tramuntana is mountain range located to the northwest of the island, just 30 minutes from the International Airport Palma de Mallorca. This mountain range offers the best slopes and hills a cyclist would dream of.

Select your gear and make the best climb time and the coolest descent, enjoying the most perfect view, the same view that professionals like teams from Tour de France enjoy warming up to the upcoming season. The fact of being an island guarantees that you will always have a perfect landscape inspiring you for more distance and more time on the bike. This scenery can be enjoyed all year round given that the weather is suitable for this activity.

Prepare your cycling adventure

A word of advice would not go amiss for the months of summer. Consider that the temperatures during the day can raise up to 32ÂșC, which can make your cycling run harsher than usual. It is recommended to get up really early in the morning or to schedule the training session for the afternoon. That way you will enjoy the fresher temperatures of the day along with the most majestic sunrise or sunset, respectively.

When travelling to Mallorca for cycling, you may bring your own bike or rent one in the many stores available throughout the island. You do not need to worry about transportation in the former case since Transfers Palma can cater to your needs.

Simply visit cycling mallorca and book your transfers Palma to be taken from the airport to your destined hotel along with your beloved bike with total safety and insurance. Whether you are enthusiast or a professional cyclist looking for the best transfer service in Mallorca,  and you will not be disappointed.