Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Calas de Mallorca transfers

Calas de Mallorca and how to travel to the place

In Manacor, just over 67 km from Mallorca, is the main tourist center of the coast of Manacor: Calas de Mallorca. These Cales are formed by 3 renowned beaches (Cala de Antena, Domingos Grans and Domingo Petits) and are easily accessible.

These beaches are very popular for those who like tranquility, sunbathing, family fun, bathing in Crystal clear waters and enjoy the landscape in a safe and stress-free way. Today I am going to show you how to get to this well-known site in the east of the Balearic Island, these site are waiting for you to enjoy the Mediterranean waters and the sun of southern Europe and North Africa. The following information of how to get there is always available in the following website for Transfers from Palma airport to Calas de Mallorca

As always, we will begin this article by saying the advantages of buses. This transport unit is the most used throughout the island and has fixed routes there (including the route that reaches Calas de Mallorca).

Route to Calas de Mallorca

The route that it crosses is the 69 and covers approximately 67 or 68 kilometers from Palma to Calas This route is the one that offers less stops on the buses line in comparison with the other tourist zones of which we spoke previously (being Can Pastilla, the Arenal and Fields the Stops) but in exchange for this, the route offers a mountain landscape and you can delight the beauty that combines sea, jungle and mountain in one place.

This route is the most natural heritage and spectacular views for travelers who like to look out the window at a comfortable speed. This service is also available for Private transfers majorca . Minibuses are also the most recommended option when transporting from Palma airport to Cala de Mallorca. They are faster and easier than buses. They offer packages for large families and large groups of friends.

Following the same route as the buses but with the option of staying longer in the villages that cross the route or otherwise by group decision, to ignore the settlements and continue along to Calas de Mallorca. The minibuses will always be available throughout the city of Palma de Mallorca and even closer to the airports and will make special emphasis on customers arriving from Majorca airport Transfers.

Other options

Taxis being the specialty within Mallorca, there are more popular and has many fans and possibilities to travel anywhere, they are known for their personalized service, multilingual staff, 24-hour service 7 days a week and the ability of going by car to those places where buses and Minibuses cannot arrive.

By spending a bit more for each trip, taxis will ensure that the destination desired by the tourist is reached in a short time and without mishaps. Taxis will always be available along oute 69 and villages from Palma de Mallorca to Campos and will leave you at the entrance of fine hotels in Calas de Mallorca or near the beaches mentioned above.

Taxis are highly recommended for their ability to better adapt to customer requirements. If you do not believe me you can check on it the following website . For my part that is all I can say about how to get to Calas de Mallorca, I hope this information is helpful to you and please do not stop to enjoy this Calas in particular. See you!