Monday, 20 February 2017

Palma Transfers

Palma transfers: the best way of transport in Mallorca

Majorca, A city in Spain well known for its summer weather, it’s an excellent site located in the middle of the warm and welcoming Mediterranean sea. It’s ideal place for those tourists who want to “stretch their legs and relax”. It is not surprising that in such a paradisiacal place have many companies dedicated to services of transport and tour in the island. And one of them is the very famous Transfer Palma.

Palma Transfers is a company that has its headquarters (HQ) inside the island of Majorca and offers services not only of Buses, minibuses or taxi, but also large variety services such as: Pick up at the airport, tour by all the tourist centers , discounts for vacationing the workers transportation of your company and of course very attractive family packages.

And the most surprising thing is that this company has an innovation for those who want to travel by bike in Majorca, where they have an excellent service that is dedicated to it and that is very popular nowadays within the company.

What’s Transfers Palma?

Transfer Palma is a company highly recommended for its variety of options when offering different types of transport for tourists. This way they offer a better service to tourists so they do not have to worry about details such as waiting for a taxi to take them to the beach or waiting for a public bus to go to the place where they want to visit.

In Transfer Palma they have their own taxi line for small families or other types of transports for those groups that are great for a car. To see what I say here, can corroborate by visiting their website Palma Transfers


On the other hand, the Palma airport transfers offers multiple departures to different tourist sites, among which stand out Magaluf which is the first place where all tourists should go when arriving to Mallorca for being a tourist icon of the city. Spend the night in Puerto Pollensa, where you will fall in love with the lights that paint the streets and the reflection of the water are filled with colors.

In Cala D'or the tranquility of its waters will fill your soul with peace and serenity. The coves of Mallorca are also a good choice for those who like to be in the company of special people or to be in contact with nature.

All this will be facilitated by Palma transfer so that you comply with visiting them and thus have a pleasant experience visiting Mallorca and you can boast of your summer trip with your friends.
Thus my friends with all the options that Mallorca offers and its incredible and attractive places, in addition to the thousands of transport facilities, there is no doubt that with all the facilities that Majorca transfers offer, you will have the best travel experience and the best vacation of your life. To visit the page and corroborate everything I have written, I will leave the link of the website.
Do not forget to enjoy this paradisiacal place and to see everything that is in Mallorca for those who have not visited it. For my part I say goodbye with a cordial bug’s bunny style: see you later friends!